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Our vision
to be bolder

Always a Pioneer

In the mid-19th century Michigan State University created a revolutionary model for higher education. Ever since, we’ve been pioneering breakthrough research, knowledge, and life-changing applications.

Introduced in December 2012, Bolder by Design continues the journey initiated by President Lou Anna K. Simon in September 2005 with Boldness by Design, the original strategic framework created for advancing Michigan State as a top research university.

Between 2008 and 2011, the most challenging sustained economic period in the post-World War II era, MSU stayed the course set in Boldness by Design, reducing expenses while at the same time heightening efficiency and effectiveness.

Today, Bolder by Design propels us forward with emphasis on accelerating the pursuit of the big ideas, innovation, and global impact. We focus on pioneering performance with purpose.

By 2020, MSU will be the national model of a high-performing public research university, providing high-impact, high-value results, experiences, and services in every area of our mission.

Michigan State’s greatness is defined by its values and the passion and talent of its people.

Our core values

Quality Continually striving to be among the best in all we do and to be the best in key areas.

Inclusiveness Building a vibrant, diverse community that values and embraces a full spectrum of experiences, viewpoints, and intellectual approaches.

Connectivity Aligning our assets to reinforce and enhance one another, building vital partnerships, and collaborating locally, nationally, and globally.

We will stay true to who we are and what we do, while radically transforming how we do it.