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Bolder by design

is the shared strategic framework that aligns our efforts across Michigan State University and around the globe, harnessing the power of working together to achieve our highest aspirations and to fuel the creation of better outcomes and growing value for our students, state, nation, and world.

A more complex world requires
a bolder approach

From our pioneer land-grant beginnings to our latest achievements, we have advanced the common good with an uncommon will.

But, today, the world requires more from us. The pace is accelerated. The problems are bigger and more complex. The ability to anticipate change and respond nimbly is a game changer, and it will differentiate the 21st century’s leading institutions of higher education.

To ensure we are among the best, we must reach higher—taking every aspect of our game to a new level of performance in order to achieve the best for society and those we serve.

This requires courage to push beyond easy answers for new possibilities. It requires investment to turn bold dreams into breathtaking new realities. It demands an enterprising culture that takes intelligent risks and learns from failure, empowering all of us to collaborate, create, explore, and discover.

We pursue the highest level of performance not in a bid for prestige. Prestige will flow from our achievements. We commit ourselves to that goal to better our world.

It is performance with purpose.