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A bold new imperative:
Advance Our Culture of High Performance

We are compelled to elevate the quality and effectiveness of every product, service, and process to realize our highest aspirations and the expectations of our partners. It is a call to action for all associated with Michigan State University.

To achieve this requires from each of us performance with purpose:

  • Elevate

    • Aspirations.
    • Performance.
    • Quality.
    • Making it harder to say “no” to good ideas.
    • Expecting more of ourselves and of those with whom we work.
    • Thinking bigger. Becoming better, faster, and bolder.
  • Accelerate

    • Agility.
    • Speed.
    • Impact.
    • Quickly moving possibilities from IDEA to ACTION.
    • Taking calculated risks to advance new, high-value ideas.
    • Responding more quickly to change.
  • Integrate

    • Initiatives.
    • Data.
    • Actions.
    • Developing new ways of working together to advance shared ideas.
    • Raising accountability and demonstrating outcomes.
    • Learning from failures in a culture in which we test, learn, refine, and keep moving forward.